Genre: Fiction
Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Titan Books (US, CA)
Release: 2021-03-02
File: 269
ISBN-13: 9781789096507

Later Excerpt: LATER is Stephen King at his finest, a terrifying and touching story of innocence lost and the trials that test our sense of right and wrong. MORE DETAIL >>

Genre: Literary Collections
Author: Joan Didion
Publisher: Open Road Media
Release: 2017-03-21
File: 196
ISBN-13: 9781504045650

Slouching Towards Bethlehem Excerpt: Capturing the tumultuous landscape of the United States, and in particular California, during a pivotal era of social change, the first work of nonfiction from one of American literature’s most distinctive prose stylists is a modern ... MORE DETAIL >>

Genre: Fine books
Author: Bret Easton Ellis
Release: 2013
File: 0
ISBN-13: 1613470193

American Psycho Excerpt: First ever hardcover edition of the classic horror novel. MORE DETAIL >>

Genre: Fiction
Author: Anita Diamant
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release: 2015-02-12
File: 304
ISBN-13: 9780857208927

The Boston Girl Excerpt: Told against the backdrop of World War I, and written with the same immense emotional impact that has made Diamant's previous novels bestsellers, The Boston Girl is a moving portrait of one woman's complicated life in the early 20th Century ... MORE DETAIL >>

Genre: Fiction
Author: P. J. Tracy
Publisher: Penguin
Release: 2016-08-02
File: 320
ISBN-13: 9780698155190

The Sixth Idea Excerpt: ... the Sixth Idea, whatever it is, all worked for the U.S. government and lived here unmolested for the last sixty years. So did their families. Then, suddenly, the Sixth Idea appears on the Web courtesy of Charles Spencer ... THE SIXTH IDEA. MORE DETAIL >>

Genre: Literary Collections
Author: Beverly Lawn
Publisher: Macmillan Higher Education
Release: 2020-09-14
File: 965
ISBN-13: 9781319355579

40 Short Stories A Portable Anthology Excerpt: 40 Short Stories includes 40 chronologically- arranged, classic and contemporary fiction selections with reading and writing support built in. MORE DETAIL >>

Author: Brent, Audrey
Publisher: New York : Silhouette Books ; Markham, Ont. : Paperjacks
Release: 1981
File: 196
ISBN-13: 0671570633

Snowflakes In The Sun Excerpt: MORE DETAIL >>

Genre: Fiction
Author: Ann Leckie
Publisher: Orbit
Release: 2013-10-01
File: 304
ISBN-13: 9780316246637

Ancillary Justice Excerpt: Winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke Awards: This record-breaking novel follows a warship trapped in a human body on a quest for revenge. MORE DETAIL >>

Genre: Body language
Author: Steven A. Beebe
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Release: 1999
File: 0
ISBN-13: 0205287573

Interpersonal Communication Excerpt: Relationships and sensitivity to others through a chapter on diversity and integrated discussions of diversity issues. Communication specialists, and anyone interested in improving their interpersonal relationship skills. MORE DETAIL >>

Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Publisher: Turtleback Books
Release: 2017-02-28
File: 0
ISBN-13: 0606403280

The Thief Excerpt: For use in schools and libraries only. Gen is plucked from the king's prison by the king's magus who wants his assistance in stealing an ancient treasure. MORE DETAIL >>